The growth of Eragon

I am left wondering how we went from here:

Solo and her new babies. Born October 17, 2011.

To here:

This is Eragon, one of those pups 7 1/2 months later and 100 plus lbs heavier. This is about as still as this dog gets.

In between there was this:

These are the pups at 11 days old.

And this:

Eragon (front) and his sister Demon at 4 1/2 weeks old. They came inside regularly for Malamute parties.

And this:

Eragon at 5 1/2 weeks. They sure are cute then.

Don’t forget his brother Tubbs:

Tubbs on Christmas Eve. He sure is excited about Santa!

And his other brother Rowdy:

Rowdy (3 months) and Ninja (2 months). Ninja is an Alaskan Husky.

Back to Eragon:

Eragon (4 1/2 months) and Darrel’s arm.

And today….well yesterday. He loves his food. And water. And mud. It’s been a bit wet here this past week and I’ve moved all the dogs to nice dry ground. Except for Eragon. He loves to create a muddy spot and then lay in it. Kind of like a moose does. He might as well – he’s the size of one!

At least these behemoths of dogs come by it honestly. Here is mama Solo:

Solo in Juneau.

And their dad Glacier:

Glacier the lap dog.

Need I say more?

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2 Responses to The growth of Eragon

  1. Peter M says:

    Nice dogs Peg. I just found your blog today. I look forward to living my life vicariously though you. 🙂

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