This was too funny not to share

I am scanning photos and my new fox/chicken/bear post should be up sometime tomorrow. This scanning toy is pretty cool. I know, I know most everyone else in the world has worked with a scanner but it’s new technology to me.

Anyway, I was reading one of my favorite blogs which I shared once before. This was really funny and tastefully written. Read it first and then continue with this post.

A few years ago there was a dog in our yard named Mobad – so named because he was mo’ bad than the other puppies. Yes, sometimes we have to reach really far to come up with names!

One cold winter day Mobad was daydreaming about his favorite girl dog and nature took its course and the poor old dog froze the end of his rather delicate part. In addition to being painful it can be a life threatening injury for the dog. The noted appendage swells when it thaws and can’t slip back into its protective sheath so it’s in danger of refreezing. Then there is infection to worry about.

Mobad recovered but from time to time he’d start daydreaming again and the end of his boy parts would swell up like a balloon. Normally time would just take care of things but one day that didn’t happen. It was getting cold and I, and most likely Mobad, didn’t want a repeat of the injury. So I got the vet on the phone.

Now to his credit, Dr. Zachel didn’t laugh. At least not yet. He informed me that sometimes the end of the sheath curls under and the fur prevents it from rolling back and protecting the at risk part. I would have to manually pull the sheath back and see if I could get it back to normal.

Excuse me? I would have to do what? Good grief. I asked Darrel to do it but he was too busy laughing and suddenly all the people eager to help in our dog yard were busy with a multitude of chores.

So I approached Mobad who just stood there with what appeared to be a very large, pink balloon underneath him. I pulled the sheath back and tried to roll the end, which on inspection was indeed curled under. No luck. So I repeated the process. Still no luck. I repeated it several more times. And then it happened. Are you kidding me?

I ran up to the house waving my hand wildly in front of me like I was trying to take flight. Darrel was on the ground hysterical with laughter. There wasn’t enough soap in the world at that moment.

The vet called back and asked me how everything went. I informed him that Mobad was smiling, all parts were back where they were meant to be and I was trying to cut my hand off. That’s when he laughed.

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