Another reason not to collect the mail

Picked up my mail this morning. Big mistake. Here’s a letter I received from an insurance company.

“Dear Peg,

In August you’ll turn 48, an age when many life insurance companies will begin to look at you differently…

From now on, when you need financial protection for your family, you may find the health questions a lot tougher…getting accepted a lot more difficult….the coverage offered to you may be of a lesser quality…and the rates will surely be higher.

In fact, rates are already set to go higher for you the moment you turn 48 in August. That’s only days from now.

If you want to protect your family, I must tell you that time may be running out on the really good life insurance offers available to you…..

Right now you have the chance to give your family really solid protection at a NEVER_AGAIN pre-birthday lower rate. With guaranteed acceptance and renewability for life. Your birthday is almost here…

Please, reply today.


Brian A. Smith

Executive Vice President

Stonebridge Life Insurance Company”

Here is my thoughtful, carefully worded reply:

“Dear Mr. Smith,

Bite me.



The beginning. Not sure but I think I was about 3 or 4 in this picture. My mom sure did dress me funny!

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6 Responses to Another reason not to collect the mail

  1. pa says:

    that was the last time i saw you in a dress

  2. Amy says:


    Wow, i didnt realize how OLD you were. Turning 48 in August? Im turning 12 in August 😀 So, that means, not only ARE you REALLY REALLY old, but you also SOUND REALLY REALLY old, compared to moi 😀

    You couldnt go on without me, I know 😉

  3. Swanny says:

    Wait till you start getting the ones from AARP. BTW, AARP’s car insurance is the cheapest in the state.


  4. bigjoecat says:

    Good call. Never trust these insurance companies like this one I equate them to ambulance chaser lawyers.

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