A dog’s mind

Sometimes I think I know exactly what’s going on in a dog’s mind. Eat. Play. Sleep. Poop. But yesterday I was both baffled and entertained.

We have two dogs who are by the house. Solo, the Malamute and Sneakers, the 3-legged husky. They get along really well. They play. They flirt. They lay in the sun together. That all changed yesterday.

Darrel gave each of them a moose leg. Yup, fur, hoof and all. Solo spent the following hour burying hers. She did it so well that I couldn’t even tell the leg was there. And then she sat on her prize and glared at Sneakers, who was happily chewing on his moose leg. When he dared to look in her direction she hunkered down and bared her teeth at him. Somehow I think the love between them has been lost.

This morning this is what I saw when I looked out the window. (Sorry the picture quality isn’t stellar).

Well at least the moose leg was dry!

Yup, he slept on the ground. In the rain. With the moose leg half hanging out his house door. Weirdo.


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