What do these things eat?

Another moose in the dog yard last night. A cow. A really big cow. Like dinosaur big. The biggest I’ve ever seen. I am guessing she was every bit of 1,300 lbs if she was an ounce. She was grazing at the back of the yard and was completely unconcerned about our presence.

Darrel used the slingshot to hit her in the butt with a stone. I think she laughed. He waved his arms and yelled. She yawned. The dogs were going crazy. The thing about moose is that they can get very angry, very fast and we didn’t need her stomping through the yard. It was time for the gun. A couple of warning shots sent her crashing through the bush. She’ll be back. Sigh.

On another note every once in a while I am reminded that I live with the Alaskan wilderness out my back door. Yes, I know, you’re thinking I would already understand that with monster moose in the yard. But you know, you get used to things.

Here’s an email I received yesterday from a friend:

“I just received word that “an angry grizzly bear sow” has been encountered in the vicinity of Two Rivers Lodge and also the area around Pleasant Valley Store, so apparently has been traveling back and forth in the general area between 15 mile and 23 mile CHSR. Please pass this along, especially to folks who may be using the trails.”

That’s not far from our place. We always practice bear awareness which means I always expect that there is one in the same space I’m in. So I make noise. Keep a clean area if I’m out camping. Carry a gun. Just the same it’s always nice to have a heads up.

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