The life and times of Loup

Loup is one of the seven Malamute pups our girl Solo had last October. I was surprised that she had that many pups because it was her first litter and she really wasn’t very big. But there they were. Six boys and one girl.

We knew we’d keep the female and then two of the males. So the others were sold. Maximus Golashes (named by a very young child) ended up in a wonderful home with children, active parents and awesome grandparents. Eragon was loved for a while by a remarkable young lady whose family suddenly came on hard times. She made the difficult decision to give him up and we welcomed him back to our home. Tubbs is now loved by a little girl who he adores. And then there is Loup. Originally I called him Einstein because, well he wasn’t. He has a stellar home with Stephen, a friend of mine and his children Jeffrey and Raven. He wanted a big dog and well, he got one!

Jeffrey holding Loup who is 2 weeks old. Not quite ready to go home!

Loup and Raven. At almost a month he’s getting to be more than a handful!

Here he is about 2 months old. I took the whole group for a walk.

It’s amazing what a difference a week can make!

Loup went to his new home on Christmas Eve.

Raven, Loup and Jeffrey on Christmas Eve.

Solo is a huge dog but loves small spaces and will cram herself into the tiniest spots. Her favorite is to shimmy her way under the coffee table. Only problem is that when she stands up so does the table! As you can see, Loup has taken after her.

He could only get his head under here.

Loup and Jeffrey take a breather.

And then Loup began to grow in earnest.

I think Loup is trying to be Raven’s foot warmer!

And grow.

Loup at 3 1/2 months. Looks like he is allowing Jeffrey to sit on that chair too.

And grow.

Raven, I think it’s time for you to get a bigger chair!

Kind of like Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Six months old and he’s outgrowing the furniture.

He still likes small spaces.

Stephen needs to buy taller furniture.

Like all Malamutes he loves snow.

King of the hill!

There’s nothing so good as a nap in the snow!

He reminds me a great deal of his grandpa Cody in this picture.

He’s beautiful and apparently knows it too.

Loup also has hobbies like watching tv.

Loup enjoyed this documentary about mushing.

And wrestling with Stephen.

Six months old and almost eye to eye.

And having a nap with Stephen.

Hmmm, I don’t think Loup is napping!

He was neutered last month. Eight months old and 104 lbs before surgery. 102 lbs after surgery. Hee, hee, hee.




















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