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A dog’s mind

Sometimes I think I know exactly what’s going on in a dog’s mind. Eat. Play. Sleep. Poop. But yesterday I was both baffled and entertained. We have two dogs who are by the house. Solo, the Malamute and Sneakers, the … Continue reading

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Another reason not to collect the mail

Picked up my mail this morning. Big mistake. Here’s a letter I received from an insurance company. “Dear Peg, In August you’ll turn 48, an age when many life insurance companies will begin to look at you differently… From now … Continue reading

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A miracle of epic proportions

A miracle of epic proportions is happening here. Are you ready for it? This is it: Now you probably weren’t knocked down with that photo but let me help you understand. I have not ever claimed to have a green … Continue reading

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There’s no fish here!

Several years ago, duringĀ  a visit to my parent’s home in New Brunswick, I went fishing with my dad and my aunt Bessie. Dad had a small little aluminum skiff and we loaded it onto a trailer and headed to … Continue reading

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Gone fishing and back again

Just returned home from fishing and camping. It was a blast! I need to clean up and get to the animals so I’ll post tomorrow. Happy 4th of July!  

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Moose and a one legged man named Radar

Guess what we were doing at 4:30 this morning. Go on. Guess. Yup, the moose was back in the dogyard. Once again the barking woke me up and I trudged to the kitchen window to see what the fuss was … Continue reading

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