Rudy’s Big Day

About an hour ago the dogs were going crazy. I looked out the window but couldn’t see anything. I was in the middle of getting treats for Stew, the outside rabbit, and the chickens so I just carried on. Then I stepped outside.

The chickens were making all kinds of noise too. It sounded like they were really distressed and my first thought of course was a fox. I got to the end of the garage/shop and there stood a rather large cow moose, right next to the coop and pen. My poor little hens were frantic. I can’t imagine what they were thinking but it wasn’t good!

I went back inside and grabbed the camera. By then the moose had started to move away. But Rudy the rooster, bless his little bantam heart, was all puffed up, flapping his wings and crowing and screeching for all he was worth. The girls were all standing behind him nervously cackling and moving in a tight little dance. My standard size rooster was roosting and watching the action unfold before him. I know who will go in the stew pot first!

Here’s the video of the cow moose.

Her ears were back and her hackles were up so I kept a healthy distance. Seconds later, the reason for her mood came trotting by.


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5 Responses to Rudy’s Big Day

  1. jana says:

    What is that? the picture is to dark to make it out clearly.

    • musherpeg says:

      Did you play the video? That big dark moving creature is a moose. She was in the driveway this morning trying to prevent me from getting to my car. I let her win!!

  2. Bigjoecat says:

    Peg I played the video and no problem making out the moose in either one. There is no other animal that resembles a moose, they are magnificent animal’s. Keeping your distance was a wise move I’ve heard they are very aggressive especially when they have a youngster with them.

  3. where is it in Alaska that you live? Since I am new to your blog, I do not know where you actually live up there.

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