Leader with an attitude

Diablo was born in the dog yard in December of 2001. She is the granddaughter of Scotty, my very first leader and one of the best dogs I’ve ever loved. Scotty was stubborn, dignified, intelligent, gentle and in the end, the matriarch of the kennel. She would never start a fight but she was also never afraid to finish one either. Diablo is every bit her grandmother and then some. In retrospect, maybe naming her the devil wasn’t such a good idea after all.


As a puppy she instigated all things mischievous and bad. She was like the leader of a girl gang. Go against her wishes and she kicked ass. She and Jewel, another leader of mine, had a couple of very serious fights when they were younger. I spent several hours patching them both up while they postured and growled at each other across the room. Somehow they made amends and when Jewel was a tottering, absent-minded old lady I even found them sharing the same house together. Diablo looked at me with an expression that said, “Well I can’t kick the old woman’s butt now can I?”

Diablo has always been a pretty solid leader. She doesn’t run a whole lot anymore. A couple of miles is just fine for her. In her prime though, she could run forever. Until she got bored. Then she’d keep running but it was usually to suddenly drag us through the woods chasing after a squirrel or rabbit while I was hollering “whoa” and a whole bunch of other not so family friendly words.

Diablo, like her grandmother, has taken her place at the front of the dog yard. She lords over all who enter and leave. She is the first to be fed. She thought I understood that.

Well, last week we had a dog shuffle happen in the yard. Hiccup had to be moved because she was becoming really snappy with the puppies who hadn’t been moved into the pen, because Sneakers and Pepe were in there and they needed new stake outs. See how complicated it can all be? So we decided to switch Hiccup and Diablo who could be trusted with young pups. Unfortunately Hiccup’s place was at the back of the dog yard.

In two days, that’s 48 hours, Diablo had made it quite clear what she thought of the whole new placement. This is what she did to the dog house.


This is what her house should look like.


Diablo is back at the front of the yard.

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2 Responses to Leader with an attitude

  1. Hahahaa!! That is hysterical! I take it you put her back out front?

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