Good and Bad

So animal/tree/bug huggers around the world should make me their news spokesperson. I put 1,500 ladybugs in the garden (no I did not count them but that’s what the container said) and they are gone. They haven probably flown away to another garden where the vegetables are normal size.

On another note I am raising meat birds. Red broilers to be exact. They are funny little creatures. And gluttonous! I have taken to picking them up and poking their breasts and thighs. And my mouth waters. Now before you judge me imagine a nice juicy, grass fed, free ranging chicken breast on your plate. Your mouth watered too now didn’t it?






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5 Responses to Good and Bad

    Feed them bugs, beef, CHICKEN, lamb.
    They’ll love you more.

  2. BJC says:

    Don’t know how you like your chicken but I get this dry rub seasoning called “Lucious the Kings barbeque seasoning”. I put it on chicken with the bones and skin still on and you almost need a bib to eat it , it’s so juicy. Grilled or baked. I also use it on fish and pork. It comes from Chattanooga, TN. I’ll send you an email about it.

  3. They look yummy to me. Most birds can be culled at 16-20 weeks. Fried chicken!

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