Master gardener may not be in the cards

Last spring I started some green bell pepper plants. Some went outside while one pot stayed indoors. In spite of living with the world’s worst gardener and being put near a single pane window in a place where winter temperatures can be 50 below for weeks on end, the plant never died. And it never produced a single vegetable. 

Flash forward to this spring when I moved the plant in the big bay kitchen window where there is sun and heat galore. A week or so ago I noticed flowers! Maybe I would get some green bell peppers after all! Yesterday morning I shuffled to the kitchen at 5 a.m. as usual and turned on the coffee pot, watered the barley we grow for the poultry and started to turn to head back to the bathroom.

Wait a minute! What was that? A vegetable on my pepper plant at long last. Yes it was and here is the picture.


A jalapeno. Beautiful. Green. And definitely not a bell pepper. There are other flowers so who knows what will grow. Probably more jalapenos but then again with me you just never know!

In other news I got to thinking tonight about how people are often envious of this romantic life of a musher I lead. That thought rattled around in my brain while I was shaving my dog’s butt. Yup. Glorious!

Sasha is the furriest little mutt I have ever know. I have no idea what kind of dog she is but my guess is Husky, Aussie, Golden Retriever and maybe Collie. She hasn’t been herself lately so yes, I took advantage of that, to shave the matts out of her ass end. I thought maybe it would help her to feel better.

Last time we shaved her she wasn’t impressed or cooperative. Here is before.


And after.


Tonight she mostly laid on the floor without complaint. I know she isn’t feeling well because she hasn’t been a total bossy bitch with the other dogs and that worries me.


There are no obvious signs of injury and no palpable lumps and bumps. I’ve checked her teeth because she did have an abcess that required vet care a couple of years ago but it all looks good. Temperature is normal. Gums are healthy, moist and pink. I am stumped and so we may be going to see Dr. Cort in the next couple of day. Hopefully my girl feels better soon!


P.S. In yesterday’s blog I explained the meaning of Oni’s name. I hadn’t even looked it up until I wrote the post. And it made me sad. She is not a troll. She is a bad physical package but her spirit and her heart are truly awesome things to behold. Had I known the meaning of her name I would have changed it.



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