Aw, aren’t they cute?

Lately I have taken to sleeping on the couch most nights. No, Darrel and I aren’t arguing. Yes, Darrel is still snoring but I am used to that. I sleep on the couch because I have broken ribs and it’s the only place I seem to be able to lay down comfortably and catch some zzzzz’s. This latest broken rib is my fifth since May and the doctor’s are working on an answer. Sometimes it hurts so bad I have to sleep sitting up but lately I have finally been able to lay down and dream. I can’t do that in bed – I think because it’s too firm. The couch kind of swallows me.

Wooly and Polar have snuggled with me at night since I’ve been on the couch. A few short weeks ago their little bodies were warm and comforting. Now things have taken a decidedly negative turn. At a mere 12 weeks old, Wooly is 35 lbs and Polar is only five pounds behind him. The snuggling has turned into crushing.

This is Polar enjoying a nap…ugh.



Here’s a pic of the couch and Wooly and Polar. Not much room left for the human!


Last night I woke up about 2 a.m. and in a moment of panic thought I was paralyzed. I couldn’t feel my feet or move them! After struggling to sit up – not an easy thing with broken ribs – Polar opened her sleepy eyes, yawned, stretched and rolled over which immediately freed up the blood flow in my lower legs. I have given up trying to make them sleep on the floor. We have reached a compromise though and Polar will sleep at my feet – not on them – as long as I give her what she considers adequate room. Wooly will snuggle in the crook of my knees – well until I fall asleep. Then (cue the Mission Impossible theme song) he slowly and stealthily make his way up to my head. There has been more than one night when I have awoken to him draped around my head and face like some furry hijab.

Picture this wrapped around your head.


I will sleep on the couch again tonight surrounded, and possibly crushed, by Malamute love!

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