Spud is in Love

This is Spud.

IMG_3109He is 1/4 Malamute and 3/4 Alaskan Husky. He is named Spud because the only time he moves off the sofa (couch potato – get it?) is to eat, go potty or when I tell him to move his fat butt. He is, hands down, the quirkiest dog we have ever owned. His dominant trait is his fear of everything. Strange car in the driveway? Hide under the bed. Strange people in the house? Hide under the bed. Unfamiliar dogs or people on the trail? Hide in the woods. I lost him for several hours on this one a few years ago. He hid under a tree and went all stealth sniper on me. Darrel finally found him because he blinked.

Spud is also a very sweet dog. He loves us unconditionally and is excellent with other dogs. He has the patience of Job when it comes to unruly puppies and rarely corrects their obnoxious behavior. He is obedient and follows our directions – at the speed of a sloth, but he does follow them. Except when he is in love and right now he is head over heels in love with Solo.

This is Solo and she is in heat.

Solo and her buddy Naomi.

Solo and her buddy Naomi.

Spud is so distracted that he won’t even eat which is unheard of for the fattest husky in the world! He just goes outside and hangs out with her. She teases him with a tail flag and then tries to chew his head off when he thinks he has the go ahead. Poor good-natured Spud. If he was a human he would put pictures like these up on his dating profile and then wonder why no girl ever called him.

I have a great sense of humor!

I have a great sense of humor!

I like dolls.

I like dolls.

I am a real outdoorsman!

I am a real outdoorsman!

Spud’s nemesis is Glacier.

Glacier is also in love with Solo and she feels the same about him.

Glacier and his buddy Darrel.

Glacier and his buddy Darrel.

Glacier's handsome head shot.

Glacier’s handsome head shot.

These are the pics Glacier would put up on his dating profile. Poor Spud doesn’t stand a chance.

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