Trail Mysteries

Today was a beautiful spring day and I was in serious need of some trail time. I figured that Polar, Wooley, Sasha and I would go down the trail and see if the access gate to one loop has been closed yet. The farmer who owns the field typically plows the lane right down to dirt this time of year and closes his gate. I decided to take a quick loop first through Woody’s property to see if mama moose was hanging out – last time I saw her she was heavy with a calf and I wanted to make sure snowmachiners weren’t hassling her.

I parked the ATV in the sun to let the dogs romp around and all three made a bee line for a particular spot and the arguing began. Here’s the field:

Woody's field...where peonies will grow this summer.

Woody’s field…where peonies will grow this summer.

Now there is no water near here, unless you count the puddles. No streams. No lakes. No rivers. The closest waterway is a good mile away. So then can somebody explain this?:

Do you see it?

Do you see it?

Maybe this is a better picture:

Yup, that's a salmon.

Yup, that’s a salmon.

Yup….a salmon. In a peony field.

I decided to take the fish home before going anywhere else because I was pretty sure I was going to run over one of the dogs who were making valiant attempts at jumping on the front of a moving four-wheeler. One the way back we ran into Dave and Karluk. Wooley and Polar think every dog loves them. Karluk thinks the opposite. We passed by with no problem but I decided to scrap my original plan and take another loop – one I hadn’t been on at all this winter.

This pretty piece of trail passes through some swampy grasslands (still frozen) and then into a thick stand of spruce and birch. After a couple of miles there is a 4-way “intersection.” And what does one find at a wilderness intersection? This:

A Christmas tree!!

A Christmas tree!!

The first time we saw this tree decorated with ornaments, it was getting dark and Darrel and I were running two dog teams. I thought I was seeing things because back then there were also battery operated lights on that tree! I have had more than one occasion to give directions to a musher or snowmachiner about how to navigate this trail and I love the dubious looks I get when I tell folks to take a left at the Christmas tree. I don’t know who does this but that tree has been decorated for a least the past 10 years.

The sun was just right so I took a couple extra pics.

Bush selfie

Bush selfie

And in case you missed the first one!

And in case you missed the first one!

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One Response to Trail Mysteries

  1. BJC says:

    Nice story Peg, good to hear from you. Can’t say with any certainty but maybe the fish was fertilizer for the peonies, just a guess, you never know.

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