Trouble, Bolt & Blue

Trouble was born in 02/2009 and comes from John Dixon’s yard (ran Iditarod in 2000). Trouble and his brother’s Blue and Bolt were adopted into a family that later experienced some hard times so I took them into our yard. Trouble is VERY friendly and loves everybody. He typically runs team and seems content to be in that position. He is developing a seriousness about his work that I like. He is not very fond of his brother Bolt but will run with less dominant males as well as any female. I like him. He’s just a good, solid dependable dog who eats well, doesn’t chew and has good feet.


Bolt is a dog with character. He is a bit shy initially with some folks but with others it’s an instant love affair. He gets on well with all dogs except for his brother. He would be more suited to a recreational team because he doesn’t eat well when he’s stressed. I’ve had him camping and he eats well under those conditions but his interest in food wanes when he is run for a few hours, is presented with food during a rest and then asked to run again. He is a bit goofy but is very enthusiastic about running. He runs in team.



So I realize that this picture of Blue is terrible but I have tried and tried to get him to stand still long enough to take one! He is a lovely dog with a gentle temperament and tons of energy. He will tell you story after story – I think they are mostly about how excited he is by life itself! He is great with people of all ages. His one bad habit is digging and he is able to create some very impressive underground tunnels. I have run Blue in swing and was working with him last winter in lead. He is eager to please and very forward driven.


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