I hate it when you can’t find contact info on websites so here’s ours. It’s simple really.

We like snail mail too!

3325 Chena Hot Springs Rd.

Fairbanks, AK,

U.S.A. 99712



7 Responses to Contact

  1. bigjoecat says:

    Sorry to hear about your chickens but I did mention a hungry fox can be quite crafty, sounds like you need to fortify your coop.
    Your bread looked very good and fresh baked bread is best. The wife of one of the guy’s I worked with used to almost daily bake a sour dough bread that used a starter that was kept in the fridge. What you did was use part of the starter to make bread than feed it and it kept growing in the fridge to keep making fresh bread.

    • musherpeg says:

      Hi Joe,
      I love sourdough bread! It is quite an art to keep the starter in good shape. Some people have a starter that it decades old. Now how cool is that?
      Darrel and I will be fortifying the coop in the next couple of days. He has agreed to everything except the little gun turrets I wanted to put up.

      • bigjoecat says:

        Hello Peg,
        Well I guess you can’t have everything every time. I don’t know about gun turrets but what about some small traps, something like a have a heart trap that doesn’t kill in case a young dog or chicken gets into it. A fox in a trap is easier to shoot. If that doesn’t work than maybe Darrel will agree to the gun turrets but I want video of you training the hens to use them.

      • musherpeg says:

        Hi Joe,
        So I had an immediate vision in my head of the chickens, helmets on heads, manning the gun turrets!

  2. bigjoecat says:

    Hi Peg,
    Only problem, in the end I think they’ll all chicken out.

  3. bigjoecat says:

    I saw an ad for a new Discovery channel show “Yukon Men” starting August 24th at 7:00 PM your time. Have you heard anything about it, is it going to be real or more trumped up drama Discovery seems to be famous for nowadays. The show is from Tanana AK and I hope it is more real than some of their other shows in Alaska. What are your thoughts?

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