Start Here!

Welcome to our new blog! Lots of people, mostly strangers because I don’t have that many friends (that was a joke….I think) have encouraged me to chronicle our life. I guess it is somewhat out of the ordinary. From meeting on a glacier, to living in a dog truck with 40 of our canine friends, to settling in a rural area where we’ve discovered being eccentric is the norm we’ve had plenty of adventures along the way. The dictionary defines adventure as “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.” Yup, that’s our life in a nutshell except I don’t feel it’s been all that ominous.

Spud and Dud are hanging on my every word!

So here I am. All ready to write. You will find a bit of everything on here. I’ve been going through photos and videos and Darrel is right – it’s a good thing this is the digital age otherwise photo albums and VCR tapes would fill a room and then some. I’m not exactly sure where to begin so I’ll just start writing.

I’m devoting the summer to this project. Now here’s the glitch. Money. I need some. I have been kicking around a couple of ideas on that topic. I thought maybe I could create a subscriber page where, for say $5 a month, a person could sign in and get more of the inside scoop. But what if nobody subscribed? Now that would be humiliating.
So my second idea is this. I put up a PayPal button on this page. If you enjoy this blog and want to send a one time or monthly contribution my way it would be greatly appreciated.
Okay, that’s my pitch. I really hope you have fun exploring this blog because I have a feeling it’s going to be a blast writing it. I’ll leave you with this picture. It kind of sums up our life. For those of you who know me you will understand that I am like Spud, who is all tangled up in the harness. Sasha, the one with the exasperated look on her face, is like Darrel. But we have learned to laugh even, or more especially in, the face of our misadventures. Good thing too!

Sometimes life is just like this!


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